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SecureAudit Updates

Last Month, Microsoft Introduced 150+ New Features, Enhancements And Changes To Office 365, many of them could impact your security posture or end user experience.

Updated March 20th 2019

Hybrid Servers and vulnerability

A critical vulnerability in Exchange Server that allows an attacker to elevate to domain admin after guessing the password of just one regular on-premises user mailbox. A patch was released from Microsoft.

Why should you care? Most companies still have at least one internet-facing Hybrid Exchange Server remaining on-premises

Tip: If you have migrated all your mailboxes to Exchange Online, you shouldn’t have any Internet traffic hitting your on-premises Exchange server over TCP 80 or TCP 443. Make sure AutoDiscover has been redirected to, then shut off those firewall ports.

Find these patches here:


Were you aware that your tenant has between 300 and 500 settings?

We’ll thoroughly audit all your settings, and provide you with a comprehensive governance report based upon our findings. You’ll learn how your tenant is configured, exactly why, and the important steps you need to take to improve overall security, and minimize the chance of data breeches. We will update your Audit report quarterly. We also include time to help you configure and implement the recommendations we make to protect your identities and data.

When it comes to updates in Office 365, think you can depend on Microsoft to provide you with notifications?  Think again, there are over 8 different sources where Microsoft publishes up to 100 changes per month!  Microsoft does a great job of demonstrating the value of Office 365, but they fail to alert customers about specific feature changes that are relevant to their tenant and usage patterns.

As part of the SecureAudit 365 service in addition to auditing your tenant each quarter and providing recommendations to protect your identities and data we also each month summarize the Office 365 changes that are relevant to your organization in a quick to read simple to understand customized report that ensure you know what changes Microsoft is making that could impact your tenant and users.

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What our customers are saying about SecureAudit 365

“Patriot Consulting provides my IT staff with a monthly update of the changes that Microsoft will be introducing into our Office 365 tenant.  Along with these updates, Patriot Consulting provides clear guidance and recommendations on how we should (or should not) implement the planned changes.  This guidance is significant and catered directly towards our business’s needs.   It also provides my team with insights they may not have anticipated saving us time and effort during the deployment of new Office 365 features.  I would highly recommend this service to any organization that has invested in Office 365’s rapidly changing environment.”  IT Director, San Francisco CA Construction Company

“The O365 Advisory Service offered by Patriot Consulting provides us with a concise monthly summary of the of all the Microsoft O365 changes that could impact our end users globally as well as our Administrators. Without this service we would have to dedicate time and resources to sorting through dozens of changes and announcements that may or may not impact us.”  Director of Global IT Portfolio & Project Management, Global Food Distribution Company