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SecureShield 365

Get the Best in Office 365 Managed Security Services

Used by millions of employees to create and store critical data for their enterprises, Office 365 demands an equally powerful cyber and cloud security strategy.

While Office 365 offers several built-in security features to prevent a breach, a robust cyber security program should also have a continuous threat detection and response program to combat today’s sophisticated threats and rapidly respond to an attack if there is a breach.

A managed security program will also help achieve and maintain compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), PCI, and other important data regulations and standards.

Office 365 security and compliance are not just for office hours either. Robust defense and attack detection must be in place on a 24-hour basis. Patriot offers all of this in a cost-effective and affordable offering.

Patriot Consulting’s SecureShield 365 Offers Continuous Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Office 365 Powered by Paladion’s AI-Driven MDR

While these extensive requirements may sound complicated for an enterprise, we can help. Patriot has partnered with a leading-edge managed detection and response (MDR) provider to bring you the best of Office 365 Security. Flexible, scalable, and resilient, Patriot’s SecureShield 365 services are backed by an international team of over 1000 Paladion cybersecurity experts and security operations centers for all continents.  Paladion is recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, 2017, 2018.

Get Exactly What You Need

Patriot’s unique multi-layered cyber defense strategy focuses on three key pillars shown below

Patriot’s SecureShield 365 Solution offers:

  • A detailed Audit of up to 500 security settings within your tenant.
  • A detailed list of recommendations to help harden and protect the identities and data within your tenant.
  • Education on how to respond to cyber threats.
  • Comprehensive security coverage of Office 365 applications and data.
  • User activity bench-marking and analytics to immediately generate alerts for suspicious events (unusual data transfers, system access, Office 365 account activity, and more).
  • Applied artificial intelligence to increase performance and speed in detecting possible attacks, rooting out false positives, and rapidly providing security teams with the right information for maximum efficiency and best results.
  • Multiple technology and service modules to select the combination that complements existing security services and solutions, without unnecessary duplication.
  • Orchestration of responses to Office 365 security incidents to fit in with existing security processes, while taking responsibility for rapid and effective containment, mitigation, and closure.

You can rely on Patriot Consulting to create or complete a custom security solution designed for your company’s needs – both for Office 365 and your on premises environment.

Find out more about how we can work with you to meet your requirements.