Testimonials – Patriot Consulting Technology Group



Joe Stocker, Principal Systems Architect

“I have worked with Joe for nearly 5 years in different capacities. Joe is a brilliant technologist with a very broad and deep technical skill-set. More importantly, he has a very solid understanding of how these technologies support business. His¬†understanding is both learned and instinctual, so he is able to adapt that to a variety of business scenarios. Whenever I have a client with a complex business issue that needs to be addressed through technology, Joe is one of the first people I think about to go help with that.” – David Smith, Director of Service Delivery/Infrastructure Services, Catapult Systems

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Joe Stocker for over 2 years. To put it simply, Joe is a brilliant consultant. His passion, ability to motivate, superb communication and intelligence put Joe among the strongest all-around consultants and tech visionaries I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career.” – Jason Grimm, Vice President & General Manager, Intersys Consulting, Inc.

“Joe arrives at the table with a cool as a cucumber attitude, an excellence in customer service, a deep technical understanding of technical architecture and the ability to quickly and efficiently navigate (often complex) technical solutions to real world business problems.” – Aneal Roney, Data Platform Solution Architect, Microsoft

“Joe is one of those rare people in business who takes their career to the next level by always stepping up to the plate ready to hit a home run. Regardless of the situation, Joe brings his entire effort to the table, every time with no exceptions. Whether he is giving a presentation, stepping in to help with extremely advanced issues, or running point on internal infrastructure, you can guarantee it is conducted with the highest amount of professionalism and decorum.” – Chris Ross, Director of Program Management, Cireson