Office 365 Incident Response Service

Mitigate the damage and recover from cyber attacks on your Office 365 tenants. Comprehensive Incident Response when you need it most.

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 Cybercrime and it's costs hit $600 Billion in 2018 and is only predicted to grow. Patriot is committed to helping our clients utilize Microsoft Office 365 to mitigate this risk and assist you if a breach occurs. Our new incident response service is designed to quickly diagnose the source of the breach, the extent of the breach, and to halt any further damage to your company. 

What to Expect from our Incident Response Service

The outcome of the Incidence Response engagement will include detailed findings of the cyber attacker's activities, along with recommendations on how to reduce the possibility of future attacks.

  • Based on available audit logs obtained, when did the attacker gain access to the account? 
  • What was the attacker’s origin IP addresses  
  • What actions did the attacker take? 
  • What is the attacker’s motivation?
  • A review of the response that the IT Department has taken with recommendations for improvement.
  • Confirmation whether the attacker’s activity has ceased. 



Over 20 years of combined expertise

Rapid Response

Proactive recommendations to avoid another breach


“This was money very well spent” is a phrase we’ve used more than once in reference to Patriot’s Incident Response work. "Once again Patriot has knocked it out of the park.” - Director, Information Technology