SecureAudit 365

Why SecureAudit 365?

“The Office 365 platform is dynamic, with new features being added every month. Many of our clients recognize that the default settings are not optimal for their industry or the regulatory restrictions that they operate under. Therefore, we decided to offer a service where we can audit the new settings being added to Office 365 on a quarterly basis to better manage cybersecurity risk for our clients.” – Joe Stocker, CEO

  • Every 30 days Microsoft makes between 75 and 125 updates to Microsoft 365​
  • Many of these changes will have an impact on your security posture and / or your end user experience
  • Microsoft 365 administrators struggle to maintain an up to date inventory of their unique M365 settings
  • Microsoft has more than 8 different places where they announce changes, there is no single source for updates

What is SecureAudit 365?
SecureAudit 365 is a service designed to provide companies that utilize Microsoft Office 365 with a quarterly audit of their security posture to ensure they are maximizing their protections against cyber threats. As part of the service, Patriot Consulting also ensures that clients are aware of the changes Microsoft is making to their tenants features, functionality and security each month.

What’s Included in SecureAudit 365?

Patriot will​:

  • Review, document and provide an audit report of your current Office 365 tenant settings​
  • Patriot typically reviews between 300 and 500 settings depending on your Office 365 licenses
  • Typically recommending 30 to 50 changes to improve security and productivity ​
  • Configuration assistance included​ to help implement recommendations
  • A monthly report of significant changes in Office 365 that could impact your security posture.
  • Quarterly update your audit report with any changes in your Office 365 tenant including :
    • Changes in license assignment​
    • New settings that have been added to your tenant​
    • Changes that have been made to existing settings


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